Monday, February 17, 2014


Well, I know you have all been dying to hear about transfers.... So drumroll please.

I am STAYING in Norwalk another transfer! Sister Lindsey is getting moved to the El Dorado YSA ward and she will be Sister Brown's companion. I am excited for them... but also nervous. They were companions in the MTC and had a few trials there.... but I think they will be good for each other.

I am getting put into a trio. My companions names are Sister Greathouse and Sister Shipman.

I am really excited for this transfer! I also get to work with the sisters in my area a little more which I am really excited about! I love being able to help other sisters and I'm excited to get to work with them more!

We picked up a new investigator. His name is Randy... He was a media referral from Temple Square and he watched the Joseph Smith Restoration movie and wanted to learn more. So we went by this week and picked him up! However... He is a bit of a creep.... He says some weird things and I think he is a little lonely and likes that girls come over... so we are going to pass him to the elders. I think he has a lot of potential, but he needs to have the right focus first.

Well, I know this is short and sweet, but I don't really have much else to say! I love you all have a fantastic week!!!!!

Love Your Favorite Missionary girl,

Sister Bauer

Monday, February 10, 2014

Good, Better, Best.

We All have them. Weeks that are good, weeks that are better, and weeks that are best. This bast week was better. Better than last week at least. It was still stressful, but not as bad as before. I feel like I am getting back to normal. A lot of crazy things have happened these past 2 weeks or so and I'm not the only one in the mission who is just ready for this transfer to be over.

The transfer ends a week from tomorrow.

So those of you who have been sending letters to the address on Ferina Street don't send them there anymore!!!!

I don't know if I will be staying or going, but I don't want to miss any of your letters so just go back to sending them to the mission office address, which is:

Sister Jacqueline Bauer
6500 E. Atherton St.
Long Beach, CA 90815

This week was rough number wise. We didn't get very many lessons plus we had to drop Cecilia and Danielle. They just aren't progressing to Baptism. They enjoy our visits and stuff, but they said they aren't ready to "switch religions" yet. But we feel that all hope has not been lost yet. They will get baptized, just maybe not right now. But we will see how this week goes. They said they would still come to church and stuff, but they didn't come yesterday. So who knows what will happen.

We do have a new Investigator though. His name is Antoine King! He is a Gospel Rapper, He was in Jail for a while, he used to sell dope but wouldn't sell to pregnant women (He is a man of integrity), and got shot in an ally and almost died a couple of times... Then he found Jesus and has been a "follower" ever since! He's funny. We taught him the restoration and watched the 20 min. Rest. DVD. He said he liked it and believed that Joseph Smith really did see God and Jesus Christ. He said he liked the concept of our church being "Jesus Christ's Chruch". But he is very devout in "The Christian Liberty somethin or other..." I don't remember what it's called exactly. He just kept saying, "but you and I believe the same thing" with like everything we taught him. The only difference is the priesthood and that we have a prophet on the earth today. We will try to clarify that for him next time. But anyways. He is genuinly interested and wants to learn. So we will see what happens.

Well Anyways, that's about it for this week. I love all of you dearly! Make this week a good one! Happy Valentines day! Here's a video about the best kind of love there is!

Love Your Favorite Missionary Girl,

Sister Bauer

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pictures of the Van.

Crazy Week!!!!

Well, This week was incredibly crazy. It started out with my zone leader (Elder George) getting super sick and having to be rushed to the emergency room and ended with a baptism and a trip to the temple...

First things first, Elder George is my Zone Leader and he got rushed to the Emergency room. He started to lose his vision after a few days of the flu and they decided that was not a good sign. they took him there and he was there for about 3 days. Long story short, they thought it was viral, then bacterial, then back to viral meningitis, then ruled it out completely. Yesterday they moved him to a hospital at UCLA. They still don't know what is wrong, his parents are here and they have been for about a week. It was suuuuper scary and was really hard for me this week. I never knew how much I loved my obnoxious elders until they get sick and almost die!! (But really...)

That kinda threw the whole week off... and made it hard to concentrate on the work and stuff. Lots of other emotional things happened too... but that's besides the point!

But then we had a BAPTISM on Saturday!!! Yeah!!! Little Monique Obando! She is our 9 year old little ray of sunshine that we have been teaching. She cracks me uppp!!!! haha I love her!

There are some people I have met that I know God intended for me to meet and she is one of them. Along with her 13 year old sister Mia and her 5 year old sister Mariah. Those girls have some crazy bright futures and I fully intend on making sure they reach their full potential in life. (Facebook for liiiiife! :)

But of course sticking to the theme of the week, the baptism couldnt just go smoothly... no that would make too much sense.

So there was a car fire before. Sister Lindsey and I had to go outside to get something and we notice that a VAN WAS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE...... So we did what any logical person would do and we ran inside and yelled, "SOMEONE'S CAR IS ON FIRE!!!!!!" haha....

So we ran in to grab our phone and call 911 and we told the elders that someones car was on fire. Elder Bengtzen was in the process of filling up the baptismal font with no shoes and didn't want to miss anything so he hurried out of the font and ran outside with a fire extinguisher with no shoes.... and starts to put out the fire. Well it didn't work and the fire department had to come and finish putting it out! It was CRAZY!!! The elders are just being elders and taking pictures and videos of the whole thing. Ugh! It was nuts! But I got to check "call 911" off my bucket list so that was a thrill!! :) haha

But then this morning we went to the temple... and the temple is ALWAYS amazing. God knows how to solve everyone's problems. We couldn't have been assigned to a better week to attend the temple. The whole zone just REALLY needed it. IN the picture below is

Elder Brock, Elder Begtzen, Elder Schooff, Sister Bauer, Sister Lindsey.

We have kinda been together a lot this week because of everything that has happened, but I couldn't imagine any better missionaries to experience the craziness with. Elder Schooff and Elder Brock are Elder Begtzen's temporary companions right now. Elder Schooff is our District Leader and he is THE BOMMMBBB!!! .com :)

Me and Sis Lindsey at the temple.

Also, something else cool that happened. CA has been having a SUPER bad drought. So on Sunday they had a state wide fast for rain... and guess what? Sunday night it poured!!!!

The church is so true it's ridiculous!!!

I love you all!!! Have a fantastic week.... I will try!!!! Pray for Elder George.

Much love!

Love, Your Favorite Missionary Girl!

Sister Bauer