Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy Birthday America! (Round 2)

So, it is true! It seems to be that time of year again! The one where we break out the hot dogs and hamburgers and grill up some goodness light off some good old fashion fireworks! :) Except not here in Cypress... because fireworks are illegal here... And we follow the law. :)

I still remember last year during the 4th of July! ME and Sister Brown took a picture in front of the Goodman's house! :) I miss that girl. I'm sure this 4th will be just as good. Maybe.... ;)

#ThrowbackThursday (Just pretend it is Thursday... I can't email on Thursdays...)
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Anyways. Healani is good! She got back from girls camp on Saturday and then came with us to a baptism that night. She is super cool and just really has a thirst and desire to follow Christ and do what God wants her to do. We talked to her about baptism on Saturday and she said that she wants to be baptized but that she is afraid of what her parents will think. Her older brother (Member/RM) assured her that they would work on that together with her parents. She is praying about a date right now and next time we will follow up with her. Hopefully we will be able to set one the next time we meet for some time in July. She is great!

Well, I know this is short... But I love all of you to pieces! Have wonderful 4th of July! Don't go too crazy! I miss you all and I will talk to you all later!

Love your favorite missionary girl,

Sister Bauer

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Key to a Happy Missionary: When our Investigator Comes to Church! :)

Oh my goodness! I have been so excited to write this email!!! 

This week was super cool. It was a testimony to me that numbers don't really matter. We got 0 member present lessons, and we didn't find any new investigators, but we had miracles happening alllll over the place!

So, I think I have talked about our new investigator Healani before. (Pronounced Huh-Lonni. It's Hawaiian.) She is 14 and was a referral from the Cerritos 1st Ward Elders. Their ward borders ours and they got a call one day from the APs to go and teach this girl, but they found out that she lives on the boundaries of our 2 wards and she is on our side. So they passed her to us. Well, her older brother Schane is a convert and he just returned from his mission in Northern CA. When he got back, his sister was asking him all sorts of questions so he called the missionaries in his ward, who happened to be the APs, and they called the missionaries they thought were supposed to teach her, then those missionaries called us. So ANYWAYS! She is suuuuuper cool. We have been teaching her for about a week. She just finished her freshman year of HS and is probably the coolest 14 year old I've ever met (Aside from Austin of course ;) She played football on the freshman team this last year, her position was left tackle... Yeah. She played on the boys team. It was her and another girl on the team full of boys. She played on the JV basketball team, she Polynesian dances, and she is super musical. She loves Jesus and wants to follow him more than anything, she keeps all her commitments and came to church with us on Sunday. AND She is going to girls camp with our ward this week! haha! Yesterday we went to a fireside with her for the youth for the close of their youth conference, and she got up and bore her testimony. After the fireside, the girls in the ward were talking about girls camp (Which is tomorrow) and we asked her if she would want to go. She said yes and we divinely had all the right people RIGHT THERE to talk to about it. The stake YW Pres, the Stake Pres, the Bishop, and the Ward YW Prez. It was really cool. So we got it organized in a matter of a day! It's such a testimony builder that with God anything is possible, and in God's timing! We are super excited for her to go!

While we were at the fireside, a bunch of youth all got up and bore their testimonies. While some of them were idiots, (what do you expect, they are literally teenagers... was I that obnoxious as a teenager?) they were so REAL with their testimonies. They were so simple, and some of them just talked about the things they liked about youth conference, but they were honest. It was really cool. It made me even more excited to be an EFY Counselor for summer 2015. (That's my hope at least.) The youth of the church are seriously incredible. I mean think about it. They are LITERALLY the chosen generation. God's army on the earth. They have so much power and influence over the world, and they are so fragile. It makes me want to work with them even more so that I can show them how amazing they are. Ugh! It gives me chills! :) 

Also, this week we had a lesson with a less active we have been working with. His name is Mel... He's actually completely not active at all. He doesn't know if he believes in God even. But he loves the missionaries and meets with them pretty regularly. We have been working with him to help him have the desire to believe in God. And this past week He finally agreed to read the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. The sisters have been trying for 6 months to get him to that point. So it's a big deal. It's cool to see people's desires change and to see how much the gospel can change someones life. 

Well, I know this one was kinda long, but it was full of really good missionary stuff! :) haha That's what i REALLY like to talk to you guys about.... its just that sometimes I don't quite have time to send a quality email! :) I love you all!!! have a great week and rememver that God is good!

Love, Sister Bauer

Monday, June 16, 2014

Transfers Again!

Oh hello my friends!
What a great day to be a missionary! This past week was very busy and full of craziness!
So this past week Sister Perry and I got to go to the temple with a Less Active that she helped reactivate when she was in Fountain Valley. It was awesome! We got to go to the Newport Temple and it was the first time I had been to that one. It was great.
Transfers are on Tuesday! Me and Sister Perry are staying together another Transfer in Cypress! I am so happy! She is the best!!!!! :)
Well Sorry this email is short! I don't have a lot of time this week!
Talk to Ya'll next week!
Love, Sister Bauer
At the Newport Temple with Sister Perry

Monday, June 2, 2014

An Apostle of God shook my hand...

It's true! This weekend we got to hear from Elder Ballard from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He came and spoke to our mission about all things missionary work. Mostly about how to find more. And you know what he said? Talk to more people! That's the secret! haha who knew???

Elder Ballard talked about how if we can just talk to more people, our teaching pools will increase and our baptisms will go up also. It was so cool to listen to a Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ and just soak up his words.

I also got to shake his hand!! Ahh! 

There was a question and answer portion at the end and a sweet elder from our mission asked a really inspired question that touched everyone in the room. He talked about how he had only had incredible companions and how he was so grateful for that, but he also felt so inadequate because they were so amazing. 

Elder Ballard, in the sweetest way, said, "Elder I can fix that right now! You are a SON of GOD!" And he proceeded to tell him (and the rest of us for that matter) that inadequate feelings are not from our Heavenly Father. They are from the adversary and we are enough for God. It was a REALLY cool and good reminder that it doesn't matter that I am not the best at everything I do. God has set forth his plan that the gospel will be declared "by the weak and simple things of the world". And I am so grateful for that. 

God is so good! He has inspired men who are called and who speak inspired words. I'm so grateful that I got to hear Elder Ballard!

This was a picture after the conference was over. IT was really cool because the whole mission was in the same place! So we all got to see old friends. Love it!

These are my Homies! :) My good friends in the mission. (From left to right:) Sister Perry, Sister Luter, Me, Elder Bengtzen. Sis Perry is my comp. and Sis Luter is also a Sister Training Leader, so we talk to her a lot. I love them... :) 

That's it for this week!


Sister Bauer