Thursday, February 28, 2013


So, I basically wanted to make a post explaining what this blog is all about and why you should keep the URL close by and read it often. This blog will be my "mass e-mail" of sorts. It's not my first time at the rodeo when it comes to writing missionaries, and I understand they are busy. So, we have the "Mass e-mail" except when their mom forgets to send it, your email is wrong on the list so you never actually get any, or you just forgot to put your email on the list. Nevertheless, I get that. So, here is a blog for your viewing pleasure to keep tabs on your favorite sister missionary. That way you will never not receive an email.... and if you don't know how awesome I am doing, it is your own fault.

(Also, don't worry! I won't be breaking any rules! I send an email and it posts automatically to this blog! No rule breaking here!)

Why you should read it.

-Because then you will always know about my life.... because seriously, who doesn't want to read about my awesome life?

-You will get to see pictures! ooooh - aaaaah!

- Maybe you will feel the slightest tinge of remorse for not writing me a letter, because my address is right on this page.

Ok, so those aren't very good reasons.... But I do want all of you to be able to check up on my if you so desire.

Plus, then I can relive my mission when I get home! (Hopefully I'll want to!) :) Just kidding!

The Church is True! Love you all!

Sister Bauer

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