Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Missionary In Training!

Hello Everybody!!!!! How are you all doing??? Well, I have so much to day and so little time! It's crazy how fast the 30 min on the computer flies!! Well, I am doing well. The first 2 days here were SUPER hard! So much harder thatn I even expected... and not for reasons that you would think. I havn't been super homesick, but I do miss you all! I had all these things I wanted to say and now that I am here I don;t even know what to write haha! Well anyways. Time here in the MTC is wierd.... The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. Some times, actually a lot of the time I feel like dinner and breakfast are in two seperate days. It's super wierd. Yet here I am sitting here and I can't believe that It's already been like a week since I have been here. I am learning so much at the Missionary Training center. The first few days I felt so overwhelmed with everything they were trying to teach us. I have come to already develope a much stronger realtion ship with my Heavenly Father because of it. One thing that I have REALLY learned here in the MTC is that I am NOT THE TEACHER!!!!!!!!!! AT ALL! I am simply a tool in the Lord's hand's and a vessel for the Spirit to teach. It's so important that I am not the one teaching the lessons and that it is the spirit because If I decide what to teach, lessons go SOUTH! (If ya know what I mean). So in the MTC you have different types of "Investigators" one of them is your teacher who role plays someone, and the other is someone who comes in from outside the MTC. We have no idea if they are real investigators or not because some of them really are. Although some of them are members who just volunteer and pretend. We do a TON of role play here. Hahaha! It'a actually kinda funny because it's because SUPER natural. It's not wierd at all anymore. Espeecially with our "progressing investigator" (teacher). We pray for them when we wake up and stuff and it feels totally real. We actually asked out PI (Progressing Investigator) to be baptized and he agreed. It was so amazing. My companion's name is Sister Park. I love her!!!!!!!! We really make up for what the other lacks in just about everything. She has this incredible way of inviting the Holy Ghost into lessons that is just so powerful. It's truly amazing!
Well, I'm running out of time, so I will start to sum things up. At the beginning of this week I was having such a hard time. I really felt like I just Couldn't do it. I kept thinking of a million reasons why I should quit. And trust me when I say I SERIOUSLY contemplated just running away. But, It was the overwehelming conformation of the fact that I KNOW that I am supposed to be here that kept me strong. If I didn't know with all of my heart that I NEEDED to be here for SOME reason, I think I would have given up for sure. It has been so amazing to witness the power that prayer has. I have REALLY REALLY REALLLLYYYYY developesd such a stronger realtionship with my Heavenly Father in this past week. I thought I had a strong testimony before, but honestly this experience has already made me grow so much. I pray every night for strength and courage to continue to do the Lords work. I know that he needs me in Long Beach. Please Pray for me and the people !!! I love and miss you all SO MUCH! I pray for all of you every night!
God is REAL! He loves us, and he wants us to know that! The Book of Mormon Changes Lives! READ it! and PRAY about it! I can PROMISE that you will recieve and answer from God!
Well, my time is up! I love you all!!!
God be with you till we meet again!
Love, Sister Bauer
P.S. I love letters. They keep me sane! Go to DearElder.com and write me there because we get the letters the same day you write them. All you need to know is my MTC mailbox number and my Mission code and send it to the provo MTC. I leave April 23, so send it before then.
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