Monday, April 29, 2013

Hello California!

Hello Family and Friends!!!!!! How are you all doing??? I am so happy to be writing to you all!!! It feels like it's been AGES! Well, I wrote down everything I wanted to talk about so that I wouldn't forget! AnI have sooo many pictures! Sorry about that! :) haha
Ok, Sooo! Let's start with the MTC. So I finished things up at the MTC and Made my way to Long Beach on the 23rd of April. Oh man... I had to wake up at 2:00 CA time and I was up till 10:30. Needless to say it was a long day. So It was super cool because I saw Mekayla Gibson and Alex Miller in the MTC and we got to take some pics together. It was so great! It's always fun to see people you know because you are there doing the same thing and you are there for the same purpse, plus its a little peice of home! :)
My MTC teachers were AMAZING!!!! I loved them so so SO much and will miss them terribly. Especially Bro. Sikahema. He was half tongan Half Samoan and He just always knew exactly what I needed to hear. I love him! And seriously will be eternally grateful for him! My other teacher's name was Bro. Holmquist. He was also Amazing! I just loved the MTC. It really was so awesome!!!
Also, I don't know If any of you have seen the Mormon Message called "Stay within the lines" its one with elder Holland. Well, look it up even if you HAVE seen it because it is amazing and i love it! Well anyways, I me the kid who plays the main charactar in it! haha I was like wait a second that kid looks SUPER familiar. And then I realized it was him! So then I took a pic with him and it was funny! :)
Well, I am now in Long Beach! The way they do areas here is by ward. and then our zone is our stake. The ward I am in is the Woodruff ward! :) and I am in the Long Beach East Stake. My companion's name is Sister Hyatt. She is actually from Boise! Kinda funny! She went to Centenial!  We live with a member names Betty Adams! Hahahahaha. Oh Betty.... She is 89 and has dimensia! :) but I love her to death! She's hilarious and she repeats herself over and over because she forgets to much! :) haha! (I thought dad repeated himself :)) We get a car! Which is soooo nice! and GUESS WHAT! Everyone here has worse driving records than me so HA! :) I just have to take the driving class thing and I'll be good to go. The weather here is SUPER nice. Not super hot but not super cold! The members feed us pretty much every night and I am going to get fat. I already know it. I can feel myself gaining weight as we speak. Because the area is so geographically small but there are so many people. They have multiple sets of missionaries is each ward. Our ward has a set of sisters and a set of elders. It's kind of cool. Well I  have to be going but here is an explanation as for the pictures.
1.) Me and Allyson before entering the MTC
2.) Steph and I
3.) My MTC companion, me, and Elder Valle (the kid from the mormon message "Stay within the lines" WATCH IT!)

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