Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Ok... So I'm not in Hawaii... But california is just as close right? haha! whatever! Well Hello Everyone!!!! How is everyone doing this week? Fantastic I hope. I'm just great! Today was awesome because we got to go to the temple! Woo! And everyone loves the temple! Normally Pday is on Mondays, but because the temple is closed on mondays... they swithed in to Tuesday. It's kind of cool because in our mission, they have what are called "Temple Transfers" which basically means that every other transfer we get to go to the temple, and this transfer was a temple transfer. So... yeah! fun stuff!
Well, I've been out officially a month! Kinda crazy!!! It's hard to believe! The time flies super fast when we're busy! But when we're not... boo. It drags. So pray that we will find people to teach and Baptize!!! :D
I got to call home on mothers day, which was awesome! It was nice to be able to talk to me family and catch up on the goings on and stuff!
Write me about your lives.... I love getting letters!
Well, Let me update you on the work! Amber... oh amber... Well Here's the sad story about Amber. She actually lives in the L.A. Mission. So we can't teach her. Sad day... :( But we will teach her one lesson and then turn her over to the L.A. missionaries which will be awesome for them! She will do great things!
Shirleann. We have a FINAL date for Shirleann!! Woohoo!! The 25 of May! She is still a little hesitant about the "Commitment" part of baptism and the convenant with God, but when we asked her all of the baptismal interview questions she was solid on all of them! So she's totally ready, but lacks confidence! We had an awesome lesson with her mom there and she got to hear her mom testify of so many different things, which was really great for her!!! LOVE IT!
We also have a new/potential investigator... I don't know what category to put her in yet... Her name is Margeret. She is the mother of a family in our ward. She goes to a big Christian church out here because it's the church her son goes to and she lives with her son. Her daughter is a convert to the church and margeret has been asking a lot of questions, so the Goodman's (the family in our ward that is her daughter and son in law) invited us over to teach her! Woo!!! Plus, it we will have members present! Double awesome!! It's always so great to have members at lessons because they add so much to the lessons and thier testimonies are just awesome!! LOVE IT!
Another former that we want to pick back up, his name is Scott. He is in his late 40s and single, but has a 22 year old son who lives.. somewhere else. He has this amazing belief in God and fantastic morals, but doesn't quite believe that there is one true church. We are going to help him find out! :) The sisters taught him a bit before but they kind of had a mutual dropping because he didn't have a DESIRE to know it what they were teaching was true! That's the most important part! The desire! So we are going to instill that desire in him!
Well, I'm just about out of time! But I love all of you and hope to hear from you soon!!! I've almost made it a transfer! WHAT?! Transfers are the day after my Bday! June 4th! Crazy! Ok I love all of you! Talk to you later!!!! MUAH!!!!
Sister Bauer 

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