Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Week 2 of the Transfer!

I literally cannot believe that week 2 of the transfer is already over! What the what? It is really blowing my mind and freaking me out how quickly the time is going. After this transfer is over I only have 3 left... I am really hoping that Sister Perry and I will get to stay together for another transfer. But That's getting ahead of myself! Let's talk about this week!

This week was good. We had a lesson with our investigators Bianca & Natalia. They are so sweet! They are 10 and 11. We set baptismal dates with them and they love talking about God! They didn't get to come to church this week though because they both got really sick. Sad day... but we will see them tonight! They are adorable!

We also had a lesson with our investigators Becky, Harold, and Jeff. Jeff actually just got out of jail because he had gotten himself into trouble and then turned himself in. He read the whole Book of Mormon while he was in there and was even quoting scripture and applying it to himself when we had our lesson with him. We talked about the Book of Mormon and where it came from and why it is important and how we come to know if it is true. It was a super good lesson.

In our mission we have this culture we are trying to establish, it's:

"We teach every night, we find every week, and we bring someone to church every week." 

And I love that Sister Perry and I have actually been able to accomplish that! (Kinda) This week we had committed 7 people to come to church! Buuuut...... Gosh dang Satan and his sneaky ways! Bianca and Natalia got sick, Ron & Barbara (Our other investigators who are moving to Arizona...) had family come into town last minute, Tina got stressed and freaked out, Sasha is 13 and her dad wouldn't let her come (Which we kinda figured would happen), BUT Lauren (A less active we are working with) came! She is so cute! I love her! She has a newborn wittle babyyyy!!!! And she's half black and she's sooo cuuuuute! :)

So, this week was good. We had 3 exchanges this week and they were fun! I actually really enjoy exchanges for the most part... I just hate leaving Sis. Perry... I get separation anxiety. haha

Well Anyways! I love you all!! Have a great week and I will email ya'll next week!!! 

Love, Sister Bauer

Me, Sister Andelin (The blonde), & Sis. Perry (The Auburn colored hair) ;)

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