Monday, June 10, 2013

First Week As a Trainer!

Well, Guess what.... I'm still alive this week! HA! Barely.... But
alas.... I am alive! My new Companion's name is Sister Brown. She is
AWESOME! We get along SOOO well! We have very similar personalities
and we really work well together!

This week with Sister Brown was awesome! She started out the week a
little bit homesick, but she's here so she is going to be here. She is
super motivated and just ready to invite EVERYONE to come unto Christ!
I love her so much work really well together. She motivates me and
strengthens me and I do the same for her. I think its good that I am
training at six weeks because I REALLY have to rely on the spirit
because I don't know what I am doing. I sometimes feel at a loss
becuase of my previous trainer, but I slowly but surely feel like I
can do this! Sister Brown has so many amazing ideas and she is just
awesome! She is still searching for that super strong desire to be
here, but it is coming and I can feel it building inside of her. I
love her so much already! We just really get along and understand each
other. Our stories and situations are similar and so we can relate to
each other.

Our numbers were not the greatest last week... :( This week we are
REALLY continuing to focus on finding those who are prepared to
recieve the gospel. It's hard, but I know that through the Lord all
things are possible. And I know that as we continue to do OUR best and
end the day feeling like there is nothing more that we could have
done, then we will have success. I don't ever want to go to bed
feeling regret for anything that happened that day. And I know that
with sis Brown as my companion, we will accomplish great things.

As part of our finding efforts, we really want our ward to get excited
and become more involved. It's hard because most of our ward is
overthe age of 65 and so they don't get too excited about member
present lessons and such. Don't get me wrong, there are DEFINITE
exceptions! But majority doesn't. Most of the younger families in the
ward are
either in primary or YW, and so we need to get to know those families
somehow and get them excited about missionary work. That is something
that we are currently working on. As we go to dinner appointments, we
are going to give PMG thoughts to members and invite and commit them
to pray for missionary opportunities. And they might come in the way
of a phone call of us inviting them to a lesson! But we NEED more
member referrals and more member present lessons.

Studies are good! I am still continuing 90 day BOM challenge. I am in
Alma right now and reading about the sons of Mosiah and thier awesome
missionary work. I love the applications that I can make with the
scriptures and I know that as I continue to read and study the BOM,
that I will get better at applications and be able to use them more
effectivily in street contacts or at doors.

I love this gospel! SO MUCH! I know it's true! And I know that the
Book of Mormon is the word of God and that if you read it and pray
about it with a SINCERE desire to know if it's true, that God WILL
answer you. I love the scriptures! I love my Savior! And I love my
Heavenly Father!

God be with you 'till we meet again!


Sister Bauer

1.) Happy Birthday to me! In-N-Out!!! (for you dad!)
2.) Reppin the Blue and Orange! BOISE STATE!

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