Monday, June 3, 2013

I made it a whole transfer!!! :D


Man!!!! It has been a CRAZYYYY week! A LOT HAS HAPPENED!!!!! Where to start?

Well, tomorrow is transfers! I made it a whole transfer! Yay me!!!
haha! And not only did I make it.... but I'm TRAINING this transfer!
Yes... you read that right! I am TRAINING!!!!!

I know!!!! Crazy right???? Let me just explain how crazy! When a new
missionary first gets out into the mission feild they go through what
is called a 12 week training program. And then after it is over, they
are supposed to be able to train. Well, I'm only 6 weeks through my
training program and they are having me take over the area and TRAIN!
Kinda crazy! I couldn't believe it when they told me!!

Also, I found out that 2 of my BEST FRIENDS are engaged!!! TO EACH
OTHER! Congrats Allyson and Jordan!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D I am sooooo
excited for you both! That is so awesome! Write me a dang letter so I
can hear it from you!!!! Now I know how all my missionary friends felt
when all my friends got engaged/married when they were one THEIR
missions! Wierd!

Today Is my birthday!!! :) I am now 21 years old! Go me! :) There is a
less active family in the ward who gave us a 20 dollar gift card to
In-N-Out, so we are eating there today! :) That one's for you dad!!!

Sister Hyatt, my companion, is being transfered to Huntington Beach. I
will stay in Long Beach. I'm pretty excited to train! It will be

As far as the work here. It's chugging right along I suppose. Right
now we only have 1 investigator. His name is Scott and he is CRAZY! We
might give him to the Elders but we will see. He has seen several sets
of sisters and so he has a hard time taking us seriously, but we will
see what happens. We taught him the Restoration last week and REALLY
focused on the BOM. It was awesome! Then He called us the next night
and said He really wanted to learn EVERYTHING he could about it! It
was awesome! He has MASSIVE potential! I'm way excited!

We are really going to focus on finding activities this week. Go by
formers, and also some good potentials. I know that good things are
going to happen! I can feel it!

This transfer President Bubert and Sister Bubert leave! :( I am so
sad! I love those two with all of my heart. They are the most amazing
mission leaders ever!!! PResident Bubert gave me and amazing
preisthood blessing yesterday because I was way nervous to train and I
just imagine that the Savior would be exactly like that man! I will
miss BOTH of them very dearly!

Well, By the next time you get an email from me I will have a BRAND
NEW MISSIONARY FRESH FROM THE MTC! :D and I will be the experienced
one! haha!!!! :) Well Nothing much else to say! I love you all!!!!
Have a wonderful week! Pray for me! I will pray for you as well!

Love, Sister Bauer

1.) This is elder Komarek and Sorensen. they are the elders in my
district! And then me and Sis Hyatt.
2.) Me and Sis Hyatt
3.) Happy Birthday Sis Bauer!!! :D

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