Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy 4th!!!

Hope you all had lots of fun on the Fourth of July! I definetly had lot of meetings..... it was great. And then when everyone else was lighting off fireworks, we were trying to sleep... So it was a wierd day! It's wierd to be a missionary and celebrate holidays, cuz we don't really get a day off from them! Anyways, it was good though! We got to have dinner with the Goodmans! They are our favorite family in the ward!!!!! WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!! They are seriously the greatest!!! So happy fourth!
Fourth of July we went to a ward breakfast. Then we had meetings all day. (District meeting, Weekly Planning, Ect.) then we had dinner with the Goodmans. They are our FAVORITE!!! They take such good care of us!!! Like really! I love them so much! I sang/played the song that I wrote for my BOM class that one time! It was called Go and do. Based off of the scripture 1 Nephi 3:7. Actually we had a sisters training meeting a couple weeks ago and the assistants asked if I would play it for the meeting. So I did. Everyone loved it and asked for a copy and all this stuff! It was really cool!
We met President and Sister Tew on Friday. He is a SPRIRITUAL POWERHOUSE! I miss President Bubert, and president Tew is soooo different. But It's good I think I have been struggling with my spiritual connection and he made me cry!!! and said things I really needed to hear! He really teaches with the spirit... which is something that I have seriously always struggled with, since the begginning of my mission. It's something I am still trying to work on.
So we had our first lesson with Sherry this week. It was good. She said she would be baptized when she felt like it was right. Our next lesson with her is tomorrow and so we are going to commit her to a date. She loves church and always says, "See ya next week!" it's great! She met the missionaries like 20 years ago and they gave her a book of mormon, but kind of just set it aside. She wasn't prepared to recieve the gospel then. But like I said, she has some really good friends that she was visiting for like a month in Utah and she was going to church with them. She came back to Long Beach (Home) and looked up her ward boundaries and just showed up to church. It's just a testimony to me of how planting a seed really does make a difference. Sometimes we don't necessarily see the fuits of our labors. I mean look at abinidi! Simply because he shared what the Lord commanded him to share, he converted Alma! And look how many people joined the church becuase of Alma! It's encouraging to me because sometimes I feel like nothing I am doing is making a difference! But it is, I just won't always see it. Sherry, however, is now prepared and It's awesome!
We also taught a member referral yesterday. I don't know if I would put it under the "successfull" category though...  Their names are Mike and Jill Shafer. GREAT FAMILY! So fun!! They are friends of the Andersons (A family in our ward!). We talked about The Family: A Proclamation to the World, but between the Anderson's kids and the Shafer's kids, there were 8 children running around under the age 9... So it was a bit hectic and babies were crying and had to be changed and all this stuff! So needless to say, we didn'f fully get our message across....
:( Mike seemed a little bit more intersted then his wife and what we did talk about he said he liked. He really loved that Skippy (Brother Anderson) felt as though Him and Katie (Sister Anderson) had a really good marraige and he said it was because he tried to follow the proclamation. We talked about how it was because we had a modern day prophet that we were able to have this and that was Mike's only stumbling block. But he had quite a few questions and invited us to do service on Wednesday. So hopefully we will be able to talk to him and his wife more, and see if we can't get those lessons started! They are such a good family and we laughed a lot! He would make an AMAZING addition to the church!!!
Shirleann has been out of town visiting her sister in Minnisota, but her mom has been coming to church without her which is awesome!!! they are coming back into the fold.... so it's awesome! Once she gets back... which is actually today, we will get her started on the After baptism lessons.
Well, other than that, I don't have much elsxe to say. The weeks just keep flyin by and I'm sure they will contunue to fly by. Transfers are next week... can you believe I've already been out 2????  I sure can't!!!!! It's crazy! Well, I love you all!! Keep the Faith and if you love me, you will write me letters..... K LOVE YOU LOTS!! BYE!!
1.) Saluting for the flag!
2.) At the Ward Breakfast in front of Bro. Goodman's awesome bike!!!!
3.) The Goodman Family!!!!!!! WE LOVE THEM!!!

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