Monday, July 15, 2013

Transfer Tuesday!

Mi Famila y Mis amigos!!!!!
I've made it 2 transfers!!! WHAT THE WHAT?????? I'm officially done with my 12 weeks! ;) Oh wait, I've been done with those for 6 weeks! :) haha Well, I know you are all DYING to know whats happening this transfer so I will fill you in!! Nothing is changing.... I know. Exciting right??? :) I'm really glad that nothing is changing. The work in the Woodruff ward is just starting to pick up and I love Sister Brown! So I was glad that nothing changed! :) Yay! Ok! Moving On!
This week was good! We had another lesson with Sherry. We talked a little bit about the POS. not alot, she had questions about the restoration so we talked more about that. She is so great! she came to church again and she is reading and praying! I love her so much! She is awesome! She also came to the Dept Fireside and she loved it!
We did service this week for a nonmember family who was a referral from a family in our ward. we did service fo rthem, but they left like right when we finished so we didnt get th eopportunity to share the gospel really with them. We are going to try and do some more service for them and get a retern appt to teach them. the husband, mike, had a lot of questions about the gospel and seems to be s little bit more interested then his wife, jill. So we will see how things go with them.
Ok, miricle time! Elder Frost (My District Leader) has really challenged us as a companionship to pray for specifics and expect miricles.  So one day this week we prayed that we would meet one person who would meet with us again who wouldn't flake. As we left the house on our bikes, I had the distinct feeling that we should turn around and go the other direction. So we did, we came to the park that is right behind our house and had to walk our bikes across the grass. I noticed this kid who was kicking a soccer ball around and I felt like we should REALLY talk to him, but it was kind of awkward because he was kind of in the distance a bit and when we walked up to him and said hi he sort of blew us off. So we walked passed him. But, I still felt this overwhelming feeling that we should talk to him. He was getting ready to leave the field and go back to his car. So Naturally... we followed him. :) As we approached him, I just opened my mouth and the words, "You look familiar, do we know you?" Came out! didn't plan that! He said no, but that he knew who we were because he had seen missionaries before. Anyways, long story short! He grew up in Utah and is going to Cal State Long Beach for school and had a lot of Mormon friends. He said, "I'm catholic and the Mormon thing is not for me." But he agreed to meet with us Tuesday at noon! We got his number and I felt so good afterwards and know that the Lord answered my prayer! It was so cool!
Also! I got to sing in the deptarture fireside last night! It was so cool! I sang the song I wrote (Go & Do) and it was a hit. I had so many people (other missionaries, members, investigators) tell me how amazing they thought it was! It was a real self-esteem booster! PLUS! Margaret and Sherry BOTH came!!!!! It was so great! Another Transfer down, 11 more to go! Crazy how fast this time is going!!! Before I know it.... I'll only have a year left! NUTSS!
Well, I love all of you so much! Have a happy week and I will try to do the same! Keep the Faith and God be with you 'till we meet again!
Love, Sister Bauer
1.) Happy Holidays! July?
2.) Pic of our Zone (LBE, Long Beach East)
3.) We went to get Sushi! It was pretty good!!! I quite like sushi!!!! Actually I have recently decided that I love it!!!!

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