Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Hot!!!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day!
I hate it... because today we are stuck emailing in the Family History Center instead of the Library because the Library in closed... Boo. So we only got a little bit of time to email today.
But anyways!
This week was actually really good as far as my own personal growth goes. I  am really working to have the desire to be here. I am working to just be motivated. One of my goals this week was to "just do it" because that is something that I think would solve a lot of my problems. I need to realize that my companion is not always going to be someone to motivate me and that I have to be able to motivate myself and "just do it". I really good on Saturday. We worked super hard and talked to everyone we saw. I actually really enjoy contacting people. I mean it depends on the day, but on good days, I really love it.
I also went on Exchanges this week with Sister Folsom. My Sister Training Leader. She is really sweet and nice. She reminds me of a princess because she is very poised and just very proper. I went into her area. She is serving in Whittier, and Whittier is like Utah! HILLSS GALORE! and we biked... I wanted to die. but I'm pretty sure I lost like 5 pounds. I sweated so much. And it was like 90 Degrees! It was horrible. But also I really loved it because I felt super good afterwards! I really liked whittier and I would love to serve there one day. Except not in the summer because everyone says whittier is KILLER hot during the summer... and that would suck...
It's been really hot here lately. There's been a drought here in California and so on the 1st Sunday in Feb, there is a state wide fast for rain. The smog is getting really bad and CA is starting to cath on fire. This past week, Glendora (A neighboring city out of our mission) caught on fire and it was raining ash... it was all over our car. It was nasty!
Well we picked up a new investigator. Her name is Danielle. She is Cecilia's 19 year old daughter. I wasn't there for the lesson because it was when I was on exchanges, but Sister Lindsey said it was pretty well. Danielle said, She didn't want to convert, but learn" But the spirit has a way of working when people read the Book of Mormon and Pray.
Monique is getting baptized next week on Feb. 1st! It's her 9th Bday. She is so cute and she has such a thirst for the gospel. That will be really awesome! I am excited for her.
We are really working on finding more people to teach. We neeeeed to find more investigators to progress the work forward. So if any of you wise Return Missionaries have any ideas at how to find more investigators.... please share! :)
Ok, well have a wonderful week and I will talk to you all next week! Adios Amigos!!!
Love, Sister Bauer

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