Monday, January 13, 2014

Over the Hill!

Mia Familia y Mis Amigos!

This week was pretty good. We had 2 lessons with one of our investigators. Her name is Cecilia. She is so amazing! I love her so much! We found her contacting. She wasn't progressing and she wasn't keeping her commitments and kept dodging our lessons. So we planned to drop her, but when we went into the lesson to drop her, she had kept all her commitments and said she would be at church this week. Then, we had another lesson with her later in the week and she was at church! It was great! So we have another lesson with her today. She is so awesome! She has 4 kids all from ages 19-23. Her 19 year old daughter Danielle is also interested in the church and we are hoping to pick her up as an investigator tonight. Cecilia told us she wants all of her kids to follow her example in seeing her come to church and invites them every week to come with her. She invites them in to our lessons also. We tried to set a baptismal date with her, but she said she wasn't ready but that she knew she needed to be baptized and knew how important it was.

We also have a baptism coming up on Feb. 1. She is 8 and is getting baptized on her 9th bday. So, she is a convert baptism. Her mom is a less active coming back into activity, and so it's been a little difficult to teach her. She's 8... so her attention span isn't the longest, and my the "creative" teacher in me has had to come out with her. I guess its good that I know how to teach kids. It's a skill that I have realized not everyone has. So I guess I am thankful for all the elementary Education classes that I took the past 3 years! :)

We are also teaching a part member family. There names are Jose and Lisa Garcia. Jose is a member. Lisa is not. She grew up Christian, but she doesn't really have a specific religion right now. She said she is kind of the black sheep of her family because they all are super staunch Christians. Jose is less active because he works on Sunday... Which I think is just an excuse because he didn't come to church even before he worked on Sundays. But He still has a testimony and told Lisa that  she needed to do this for her and nobody else. So we asked her if she would take the lessons. She said it didn't hurt to learn more. But we told her that she really needed to have a desire to know if this was true in order to get answers to her prayers. They are a really great family. They have an ADORABLE little girl named bella. She is seriously so cute I can't even stand it.... It's ridiculous! She's like 15 months old and bilingual... I'm 21 and I'm not bilingual. Those kids and their moldable brains!!!

Well, I love you all! Continue to pray for Missionary opportunities and witness the blessings that come because of them. Let us all work together in the Lord's work!!!

God Bless you all and have a great week this week!

All my love,

Sister Bauer

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