Monday, September 2, 2013

I love New Missionaries!!!

This past Tuesday all the new missionaries came in! Sis. (Mission Pres's Wife) asked me and Sis. Brown to come and help her make lunch for the new missionaries who would be arriving and also just mingle with them. (Well the sisters at least) It was really cool! I love getting to meet the new missionaries because it reminds me of when I was one of them. Hard to believe it was a whole 5 months ago! Glad I am not in their shoes. That day sucked! Running on no sleep and not knowing what the heck is going on!!!! No Thank-you! I will choose the situation I am in now thank you!\

Anyways! So that was fun! Sis. Tew even said that she is probably going to have sisters there every time now because those poor missionaries don't know what the heck is going on and all they want to know is what is going to happen to them! 

This week was a slow one as far as work goes. Sister Brown hasn't been feeling well lately, and so we've kinda been taking it easy! She is great! We will def be best friends when we get off our missions!!! I will go home only 1 transfer before her.

So we had a cool experience this week!! We were biking and ran into this man who was watering his lawn/flowers. We started talking to him and he said his name was Barom. He was born in Cambodia and lived there until he was 5, then moved to Germany and lived there until 6 years ago. We told him that we were missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and he started telling us about his son who goes to church. (He was a little confused and thought that because his son went to "a Church" we knew him) Anyways! Long story short! We went back last night and took Barom a Cambodian Book of Mormon and we also got to meet his 14 year old son Wilney. (Yes... Wilney not Willy.) Barom speaks broken English, but Wilney speaks perfect English and started telling us about how he is really searching to find himself right now and he wants to find God and He know's there is a God and so on and so forth! It was cool because I was able to see how a 14 year old boy (Like Joesph Smith) could really care so much about his salvation and his soul. It was really refreshing! I realized that there are teenagers in the world who care about the important stuff! It gave me hope!! :) Anyways, So we gave them to the Cambodian speaking elders so that if Wilney joins the church, it will help his dad get there too and he will be able to be a fellow-shipper for his dad. I hope to see their names sometime soon on the mission email that we get every week saying who was baptized the past week! Both were so grateful for the Book of Mormons and Barom was so grateful for one in Cambodian! It was definitely a miracle to find them!

Well, time to bid you Adieu! Love you all and hope this finds you all well! Don't be afraid to email me back or write me a letter! Love from California!!!

Love Sister Bauer!

Woodruff Ward Missionaries: Elder Thorup, Elder Komarek, Elder Fillmore, Sister Bauer, Sister Brown

Junipero District

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