Monday, October 21, 2013

Fwd: Miracles upon Miracles!

Hello again dear family and friends!

Today I miss all of you a lot more than normal. Not sure why... but today is a "Missing my family and friends" Kind of day.  I hope you are all doing well.

Well Lets talk about what happened this week! Ahh! So many miracles!!!

So last week we were contacting around LBCC (the college we live by) and a girl who was pierced up and down, ripped jeans, crazy hair stopped us and said, "Hey sisters! What ward are you in?" So we told her and she said, "I'm a member but I haven't been to church in like a year. I just moved in around the corner and I want to come back to church. I need Jesus Back in my life!" So we got her info and let the singles ward sisters know who she was and told them to get her to church.

Flash forward to Saturday. We were having a really crappy day. Neither of us could contact anyone and we just were feeling really sorry for ourselves. We were walking back to our apartment and there was Perla again! She said, "sisters!!! What are you doing right now? Can we have a lesson?" So we said sure and she said, "I'll go get my Bible!" So she did and we started talking. She told us about how she is a convert to the church and about how she kinda fell away but she knows the church is true and how she knows that she needs it in her life. 

But that's not the Miracle.

She lives with her sister and her sister's boyfriend, who are both not members. And I think if we can get over there, we could start teaching them! PLUS she has a best friend named Hailey who is 13 and is her next door neighbor who we are going to start teaching.

Another thing that happened was that it was the end of the night and we had been visiting less active/Do Not Contact/members we have no clue who they are and time after time we had doors slammed in our face telling us to not bother them again. It was.... sad. 

So we were going to the last house of the night and kinda sad. We knocked on the door and this Hispanic guy came. We asked for Leona, because that is who we thought lived there, and he said no one by that name lived there. Then he asked who we were, when we told him his face softened and he said, "Oh my goodness you girls are an answer to my prayers. I have been praying for someone to come and talk to me about the word of God." So we talked to Him a bit on His front porch about things, but couldn't stay long because it was right at the end of the night.

We gave him a Book of Mormon and said we were going to come back and teach him when we had another person with us because he was a single guy. But we couldn't set a return appointment because he has a weird schedule. He said just to drop by.

Also this week Sister Luft and Sister Andelin came to do a mini exchange with us in our area. We just contacted and sister Andelin and Sister Johnson were able to find 3 awesome potentials!!!

Sometimes it is so easy to get discouraged. You get in hard situations and tight spots and it feels like nothing is ever going to get better, but then a shining light comes through and you realized that God opened a window.

Ok, that was a long email! But thanks for reading it all!

I love you all so much! Make this week an awesome one! Next week I get to go to the LA Temple, so Pday will be on Tuesday!! Holla!!!!

Alright love you all!!

Love Sister Bauer

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