Monday, October 14, 2013

Week uno with my new Compañera!

It's true! I have now had a new companion for a week! It's been weird! But good! I miss sister Brown like crazy and we will always be friends, but change is always a good thing... Even when it's not really wanted.

My new companion's name is Sister Johnson. She is from Riverton Utah and is 19 years old. She has been out 3 months and she is awesome! She's super happy and positive and just glad to be a missionary. She has always wanted to serve a mission, so when they made the age change she hopped on board. She is really awesome and I am sure that this transfer will be great!

I can't believe that October is half over. It seems like time just keeps moving right along... probably because it is. 

This week we ran into this guy who basically was arguing with us about the fact that what we believed was crazy. It was the closest I have ever come to bible bashing.... but I didn't physically have my Bible with me... so I couldn't really. But it was really frustrating. We meet some pretty crazy people.

Haha! There was another lady we ran into this week who was walking behind us, so we said hello and asked her name. She sketchily told us and then asked if we were students. When we said we were missionaries she quickly said, "Oh no no..." and then looked at the ground and walked off super quick. It was crazy... haha.

Sherry set a Baptismal date with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is now on track for Dec 15! Wooo!!!!! She said... "Maybe" but that's farther than we have ever got before. She set that specific date herself and is praying about it. I really hope she will stay on track.

Pat.... oh Pat. Pat is awesome.... but she is so lost and confused. I think I have talked about her before a little bit. She is Catholic and is very involved in her church, but everytime we come over to her house she tells us that she feels a void and that she isn't spiritually fed at her church. She loves the feeling she gets when we are there and then asks us to come back. But ALWAYS finds excuses not to meet with us. She is fighting so hard the spirit that she feels when she comes. We try to keep daily contact with her, but she is rarely home and never answers her phone. But we are NOT giving up on her because she NEEDS the gospel.

Well anyways! That's it for this week! I love you all and will post pictures next week!!! 

Have a happy day and a happy week! Don't for get to Smile!!!

Love, Sister Bauer

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