Monday, March 3, 2014

So, I missed a week! Sue me...

Ok, So I'm sorry that I missed last week. I didn't have the time or patience to write a weekly letter. So Here's me apology to those of you who thought I was dead.... *Cough* Heidi *Cough*. Joking. You know I love you! :)

Well the past 2 weeks have been ok. A lot of stress, I have a new calling as a Sister Training Leader and it causes me massive anxiety. I feel very inadequate and I don't really know why I got the calling. But Something I have learned is that as soon as I start to feel comfortable and like I can actually do this mission thing... He takes me out of my comfort zone again. It's like a trend you would think He want's me to grow or something. The scripture Ether 12:27 has rung so true in my life these days! And.... my whole mission.

This past week I went on an Exchange with my old companion! Sister Brown!!!! It was so good to be companions again, just like old times! :) She is a really good missionary. She must have had a really good trainer... haha.

This week I start my exchanges with the other sisters I am over. It will be good I think! We as a mission are really focusing on finding. We want to try to find a new investigator every day. Its a daunting task... for me at least because I feel like I suck at missionary work... but "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Philippians 4:13) This scripture has become one of my many montras...

Anyways, This week we got quite a bit of rain!!! :D California has been in a drought so it has been really good!!! But It also makes for complicated missionary work... especially when you don't have waterproof shoes! :/ But we decided that we were going to be obedient and NOT use our car during the day... soooo... we biked. In the pouring rain. It was the worst! haha But I just kept thinking.. "I'm making memories!!!" So here's a picture! You can't really even tell that we are wet... but just trust me me when I say we are literally SOAKED to the bone...

Well Anyways. That's it for this week! But I love all of you! have a fantastic week and know that I am doing my best! Love you all lots!!!

Love your favorite missionary girl,

Sister Bauer

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