Monday, March 31, 2014

Transfer Facts! ...and other stuff!

Sooooo..... I am staying in Norwalk again for another transfer! Hollerrrr!!!!!! With my Girl Sister Greathouse! (Love her!) We have been separated for the past 2 weeks because I have been on "Extended Exchanges" with sister Brown. Let's be real... It was an Emergency Transfer, but President didn't want to call it that because our mission is like a small town and word gets around quickly. It's a long story as to why, but basically Sister Brown has been trying super hard to work through her depression and anxiety and Sister Lindsey couldn't handle it. Then, 1 thing led to another and I got a call from President Tew at 10:30 at night asking if we could emergency Exchange... and we've been together ever since! I mean don't get my wrong.... I'm not complaining! I love Sister Brown!!! She is my best friend!!! I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed being her companion again for the past 2 weeks. She is an incredible missionary and I have learned so much about how to teach and love people in the past 2 weeks than I have for a long time on my mission. It has been amazing.

My testimony that God has a plan for us has been strengthened this past week so much!!! While me and Sister Brown have been together her anxiety and depression got really bad. And the topic of going home came up. She has never EVER wanted to go home... but after a lot of prayer and priesthood blessings, she realized that God has a plan for her. And right now... it's to go home and get healthy!! Then... if she can get better, she will come back out! But GOD KNOWS US! He knew that she would need to be with me, someone who could support her in this decision and help her along the way, so He separated her from her companion.

She will be soooo missed! I love her a lot. She is such an amazing missionary and a total blessing to the mission, but you gotta be ok yourself before you serve others.

I love her.

In other news!!!!

This week I went to lunch over in Cypress with another Sister Training Leader. (Another one of my best friends Sister Perry) And she serves right next to Knotts Berry Farm!!! I grew up going to Knotts Berry Farm and so OBVIOUSLY I took pictures.... Duh....

I was really excited...

ALSOO!!!!!! YOUR PRAYERS WORKED!!! We had another Earthquake!!! It was a 5.2 on the Richter scale. Madison, who is in Cali for a Choir trip, also felt it. It was really cool! I can now Check that off the Bucket list!!! :) CHECK!

Today, consists of:
- Packing Sister Browns stuff... which is A LOT!
- Saying goodbye to people
- ...and crying because my best friend is leaving me!!!! :*(

On the bright side I'm getting a bunch of new clothes though!! :D The perks of being a favorite companion! ;)

Alright well, that's it for this week! God speed my friends! Remember that you are loved! By me and by God.

I love you all!!!

Love your favorite missionary girl,

Sister Bauer

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