Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conferene (A missionaries Superbowl)!

So... as I thought about the title of this post... I realized that for me it's more like Christmas... but Superbowl is good too I guess.
Today I just wanted to talk a little bit about how much God loves me.
He loves me a lot. Let me tell you why he loves me. ok?
The people in my life. God loves me because He has put some of the most INCREDIBLE people in my life. Specifically in my mission life.
Let's talk about some of them.
-Sister Brown (Delci)
-Sister Luft (Allegra)
-Sister Perry
-Elder George (Logan)
-President Tew
-Sister Tew
-Sherry Noice
-Monique, Mariah, and Mia Obando
-Elder Komarek
-Elder Dixon (Jon)
-Julie Carr
-Robin Rosenlof
-Mar Bellamy
-The Goodmans
So many more that I can't even list because I will run out of room.
God also loves me because He answers my prayers. Through apostles of the Lord.
And because He calls me to repentance when it is needed.
The tender mercies in life show that God loves me.
Like When I get to share a Zone Conference with my best friend in the mission, and a few other missionaries that I love.
Thank God for the little things. Ask him in your prayers to recognize the tender mercies that show how much God loves you!
I love this gospel so much! I can't even tell you how much! It has literally changed my life.
I love God. I love you. I love the Book of Mormon.
Until Next time.
Love you favorite missionary girl,
Sister Bauer
Packing with sister Perry and Sister Brown. Yes.... These are my best friends.... I love them!
Seeing sister Brown off at the Airport. Amanda and Allegra came too. (RMs who were visiting our mission that week)
God speed! Love you all!

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